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Four Wheeled Bikes

Mission Statement:

My mission is to develop and market a simple kit that will convert two standard production bicycles into a stable and affordable 4-wheeled bicycle.  The vehicle will be called "The Granny Bike TM".  The primary target market of "The Granny Bike TM" will be seniors, and physically challenged who desire to have a greater degree of mobility restored to their lives.  The secondary market will be anyone else who just wants to have fun riding this unique quadcycle.



The feedback from customers has shown the Granny Bike to be useful mode of transportation for those visually impaired, physically handicapped, or people afflicted with the autism or Asperger's syndrome.  The kit makes it possible to economically  convert two bicycles into a four wheeled bike that these handicapped people can now ride while being  supervised by a companion rider.  Because of the close proximity of the two riders it becomes a very sociable experience as well. It can be as much fun for the care giver as for the physically handicapped person.  However, lets not forget that riding a Granny Bike can be a fun experience for all ages, both young and old.

To see bicycle system that would be useful for the handicapped, go to,  http://www.thegrannybike.com/

To see a video of the Granny Bike in action, go to,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZzUT8serQA 

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